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Why use multiple tools when all you need is one?

Helping your distributed workforce feel welcome, engaged, and connected is crucial for employee job satisfaction, engagement and retention.  With employee turnover costing an average of 33% of a worker’s salary, making sure employees feel part of your work community is also key to profitability. That’s why we created OfficeAccord - to make community onboarding, employee social engagement, and community management easy and effective. Avoid using your business communication tools for non-business matters. Instead, use a tool specifically designed to save you time, money and resources creating an employee experience your community will love.

Save time
Spend less time onboarding new hires, teaching them your culture, and connecting them to your community.
Save money
Reduce the overhead associated with employee onboarding, community management, and engagement.
Save effort
Easily manage all of your onboarding and community matters from one mobile friendly tool.

OfficeAccord is really about building the types of human connections that lead to a great company culture.

Matt Hunckler, ContributorForbes logo

OfficeAccord has been critical to our thousands of employees in making connections and building engagement.

Esther Vegh, Director of HR CommunicationHarvard Logo

Our story

In 2015, our cofounders and cousins Ben and Michael, set out on a mission to create the best online employee community platform on the market.  “Human connections at work lead to happier, more productive employees,” says Cofounder Ben Comstock. “Mid to large size companies need a dedicated tool that goes beyond crowded comment threads and forms to foster community.”

The two cofounders created the first iterations of OfficeAccord while living on opposite sides of the United States - Ben from his parent’s spare bedroom in North Carolina and Michael from his basement in Oregon.  After signing Harvard University as their first client, OfficeAccord has gained popularity as a leader in employee engagement and community software.

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