Onboard members to your community & culture

Guide new members through their onboarding journey so they feel part of the organization and are ready to perform their best.


of new hires know within the first 6-days if they will stay long-term

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Personalize your new hire onboarding process

Leave a great first impression by welcoming new hires with a custom message, media, GIFs, and more.

OfficeAccord Welcome to the Company card

Get new hires up to speed with an onboarding checklist

Create office and department specific checklists to acclimate new hires to your way of working. Add instructions, attachments, due dates, links, and contacts within each task.

OfficeAccord Onboarding Checklist

Track progress and see onboarding metrics

See a progress overview to help guide new members through their journey. Checklist completion metrics help improve your onboarding process.

OfficeAccord Checklist progress tracking

Humanize your onboarding process

Get to know the person behind the employee. Introduce new hires to your community in a fun, personalized and automated way.

OfficeAccord Onboarding welcome screens

Empower your community to help welcome new hires

Help new joiners feel a sense of belonging by welcoming them to the organization.

OfficeAccord New Joiners card

Onboard new members to your community with OfficeAccord

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