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Plans start as low as $500 per month.
Discounts are available to non-profits and educational institutions. Get in touch with us to learn more

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Frequently asked questions

What is the minimum amount of users I can purchase?

Our annual plan includes a minimum of 500 users per month. 

Can I purchase more users as my organization grows?

Yes. You may purchase additional users in batches of 100 user licences.

Are all features included in the price?

Yes. You can activate/deactivate each module to personalize your site as your needs change.

Is there a monthly uptime guarantee?

Yes. We ensure a 98% uptime guarantee per month outside of usual maintenance windows.

Are there fixed annual prices available?

Yes. Please contact us to discuss fixed monthly costs.

How long does it take to implement the tool?

Once the contract has been signed, we can have your site up and running within 48-hours. Integrations with SSO may increase implementation time.