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What is considered an Active User?

An Active User is one who has accessed the tool within the past 90 days. The tool automatically removes these non-active users after the 90-day period to ensure you are do not pay for them.

Do you have integrations?

Yes! We offer Active Directory and single sign-on integration via SAML2.0.  Add your Slack, Microsoft Teams, and/or Skype account to communicate how you prefer.  Outlook, Gmail, and Apple email and calendar integrations are also available.

Can I choose which modules I want activated?

Absolutely! Activate only the modules that make sense for you. As your needs evolve over time, so too can your personalized platform.

Does it take long to implement?

Not at all! Our average client onboarding time takes less than 3 days after the contract has been signed. Plus, 80% of the work is on our side, not yours.

Does it require a lot of overhead to administer?

Not at all! “We spend less than 1-hour administering the site,” says Harvard University (18k employees.) We built OfficeAccord to be easy to use and simple to manage. Analytics, user provisioning, and configuration settings make administering the tool a breeze.

Do I have to pay for my entire employee population or just those who use the site?

Just those who use the site. We give you 500 users to start with. If/when you need more users, simply purchase more in batches of 250 user licenses.

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