Create a customized platform that fits your needs

Personalize the platform, choose your tools, and provide a unique employee experience in each of your office locations.

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Tailor the platform to fit your brand

Make the platform yours by adding your company logo, brand colors, and mobile web app logo.

OfficeAccord Mobile Web App

Choose the tools that are right for you

All tools are included. Activate or deactivate them whenever you want.

OfficeAccord module activation cards

Showcase all of your employee resources in one place

Create an organized, mobile friendly way for employees to access your tools, office info, perks, documents and more.

OfficeAccord tools and perks cards

A unique site for each of your office locations

Give each of your locations their own unique space to explain their own unique way of working.

OfficeAccord office information cards

Personalize your employee journey today with OfficeAccord

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