Recognition & Feedback

Create a culture of employee recognition & feedback

The employee recognition and feedback solution to boost morale and retention


of workers say that they are more likely to stay at a company that takes and acts on feedback.

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Celebrate employee milestones effortlessly

Automated posts remind your team of new joiners, birthdays, and work-anniversaries so you don't have to.

Gain useful feedback at the click of a button

Send targeted surveys to obtain useful feedback. Automated post-event surveys provide you ideas to improve your future events.

Cheers your peers

Boost morale and community with a built-in employee recognition tool.

Foster employee recognitions and feedback

Built-in recognition toolEmpower employees to recognize their colleagues in just a few clicks.

Targeted employee surveysCreate surveys to gain useful insight from your teams.

Automated employee milestonesNever forget to celebrate a new joiner, birthday, or work-anniversary.

Analytics & breakdownsSee survey results by office, department, and more. See who has been recognized the most by their colleagues.

The modern company culture solution

Align everyone with your cultureEnsure everyone knows the important people, resources, events, and more.

Powerful culture dataSee adoption metrics, culture analytics, diversity insights, and engagement data.

Enhance appreciation & loyaltyCreate a culture of recognition that's easy to create, manage, and track.

Increase retentionRetain talent by offering an engaging digital employee experience.

Create a great digital employee experience

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