Celebrate your diversity and inclusion

A diversity and inclusion solution that helps employees find their tribe and helps you measure your cultural effectiveness.


of job seekers consider workplace diversity an important factor when choosing employment.

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Find your like-minded colleagues

Search your community based on diversity metrics including language, gender, interests, and more.

Dedicated spaces for interest groups to thrive

Allow members to create and manage their own interest groups. Discuss, promote events, share photos, and more to support your diversity and inclusion strategy.

Showcase and celebrate your diversity and inclusion

An organized photo album helps you promote your culture and diversity & inclusion efforts.

See how diverse your company truly is

See diversity and inclusion metrics to help drive your people strategy and find ways to improve.

The diversity and inclusion tool you've needed

Help members find their tribeSearch the member directory by language, nationality, gender, interests, and more.

Showcase your diversityEmpower members to post photos of their diversity events to promote your D&I.

Create spaces for your diversity groups to thriveEasily obtain feedback from employees and have your finger on the pulse of employee sentiments.

See culture analytics you never knew See how diverse your company truly is with language, nationality, gender, and other data.

The modern company culture solution

Reduce the # of tools you needReplace less effective tools. Centralize all employee resources into one place.

Engage everyone, on any deviceeasily reach all employees on desktop, tablet, or mobile via SMS, email, and more.

Promote two-way commsEasily obtain feedback from employees and have your finger on the pulse of employee sentiments.

Automate newslettersKeep members in the know about what’s happening in the community with an automated weekly digest email.

Create a great digital employee experience

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