company culture & community

Connect members to your community & culture

Drive engagement, alignment and loyalty by helping members feel part of the team.


Social connectivity increases employee productivity by 3x.

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Automate your employee celebrations

Automated posts inform your community of important employee celebrations including new joiners, work anniversaries and birthdays.

OfficeAccord new hire welcome card

Empower members with the tools to meet each other

Create community with dedicated tools for employees to meet their colleagues from outside of their department.

OfficeAccord Cafe Roulette

Explain your company culture, resources, groups and more

Align members with your unique way of working with a single-source to learn about your mission, initiatives, tools, office info, documents, discounts and more. 

OfficeAccords interest matching

Provide a trusted internal marketplace to improve work-life balance

Empower your members to help each other with life outside of the office.  

OfficeAccord employee marketplace

Build your employee community & culture effortlessly with OfficeAccord

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