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You might be wondering

Is it easy to adopt?
OfficeAccord is ready out of the box. We will configure your site the way you want it and can have it deployed to all of your locations within 24-hours.
Does it integrate?
Yes it does! We have integrations with Single Sign-on (SSO), Gmail, Outlook, Slack, Teams, and more.
Why not just use Slack or Teams?
Because adding non-work related communication to Slack and Teams makes these tools overcrowded and less effective at running your business. Plus, OfficeAccord is more efficiently designed for culture & communication matters.
What is the minimum amount of users I must purchase?
100 is the minimum.
Are all features included?
Yes. You can activate/deactivate each module to personalize your site as your needs change.
Are there special discounts for nonprofits and government institutions?
Yes. Please contact us to learn more.

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