4 Ways to Create a Great New Hire Experience

Use these four tips to make a great first impression, teach your way of working, and help new hires feel part of your community. Learn how OfficeAccord makes it easy to implement these four tips.

Think back to the first day at your new job. You woke up early with excitement, had a nice breakfast, and stopped at your local coffee shop before commuting to your new office. But on the ride there, your excitement turned into nervousness. “I wonder if my colleagues will like me.  Will I like them? Will we have anything in common?  Am I going to have to eat lunch by myself?”  Starting a new job can be daunting, not just because of the job we have to learn, but also because of the community and culture we have to fit into.


33% of new hires know within the first 6-days if they will stay in a company long term. 20% of turnover occurs within the first 45-days of anew hire’s employment. These facts make creating a great first impression critical to avoid the financial impact of employee turnover which can costs an average of 33% of the employee’s salary.  That’s upwards of a $18,648 loss per employee (US average salary = $56k.)


So, how do you create a great first impression with your new hires? The story above reminds us that feeling part of the office community is just as important as getting our computer set up and paperwork signed on the first day.

Here are 4 tips to help you create a great new hire onboarding experience.


1. Get to know the person behind the new employee.

We are more than just our resume. Each of us has a unique personal story filled with interest, skills, and culture. Get to know the person behind the new employee by asking meaningful questions including their interests, skills, languages, and fun facts.Next, be sure they are introduced on their first day - not when their manager returns home from vacation - to allow your colleagues to make them feel welcome on Day 1.  We designed these and other customized welcome steps within OfficeAccord to help automate this new hire introduction process. Prompting new hires with meaningful questions and interactions instead of expecting them to fill out a Bio, results in more meaningful responses.


2. Help new hires find their tribe.  

Loneliness and isolation are the largest reported concerns amongst remote workers.  It is thus critical to help new hires find their like-minded colleagues. Employees who have a “best friend” at work are up to7x more engaged.  Empower employees to find affinity groups. Keep them informed of employee-led activities. To make finding your tribe easier, we added machine learning algorithms to OfficeAccord that learn the employee’s interests, matches them with their like-minded colleagues, and keeps them informed of personally relevant conversations, events, announcements and more.


3. Provide a simple Day 1 To-Do list.

The more we understand what’s expected of us, the faster we can produce. Part of the worry with starting a new job is not knowing what you are supposed to do.Bombarding your new hires with numerous emails, each with a particular task to complete, does not leave a great first impression nor is it efficient. We designed onboarding checklists within OfficeAccord to make explaining what your new hires need to know (e.g. learn about our culture, choose your company swag, select your preferred benefits, etc.) easier and more effective.


4. Provide a virtual space to encourage employee community.

Having as much face-time with our peers is crucial for cooperation, problem solving, and going the extra mile for your colleagues. But now that more of our colleagues work remotely, creating a virtual way to replicate the in-office atmosphere is vital for community and engagement. That’s why we created the Virtual Break room– an open video chat where your employees can pop in to meet and greet their. colleagues, from anywhere. You can even use this open video forum to hold all hands meetings and workshops.



Learn more about how OfficeAccord can help you create a great new hire experience by visiting OfficeAccord.com.


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