We created OfficeAccord to enable human connections and enrich communities

We believe the more we connect, the happier we are, the better we work and the longer we stay. 

OfficeAccord mission

🚀 Our mission

To provide the world’s best tool to help organizations retain employees and advance their company culture. 

🤔 What is OfficeAccord?

OfficeAccord is an all-in-one employee retention and experience platform that uses automation and machine learning to improve your employee onboarding, culture, and community.

👍🏾 The problem we solve

Without a quality digital employee experience, today's hybrid workers become unsatisfied, unengaged and eventually leave the company which costs businesses an average of 33% of the employee's salary.

OfficeAccord provides organizations with a solution designed to make the digital employee experience fun, streamlined, and meaningful.

😌 Our values

Customer focused - We take care of those who depend on us.
Simple - We make a product that everyone can use.
Trusted - We are organizational culture experts.
Responsive - We value our customer’s feedback.
Passionate - We love why we do what we do.

📖 Our story

OfficeAccord was founded in 2016 and relaunched in 2019 to help mid-to-large sized organizations retain employees by providing a platform that uses automation and machine learning to improve the onboarding, culture, and community experience.

While having a coffee in the breakroom of his old employer, our Cofounder, Ben, realized their company could benefit from having a tool dedicated for employees to meet, connect and share ideas and opportunities with each other. He began to search for solutions but could not find one he liked. "Intranets are cluttered and not very interactive and Slack and Yammer are too noisy and overcrowded," he states. So, he convinced his cousin and now cofounder, Michael, to join him on his quest to create an employee experience platform that focusses on the people, community and culture, instead of just the administrative tasks that most HRIS systems already provide. One-year after they wrote the first line of code, OfficeAccord signed Harvard University as their first client, graduated from Microsoft Bizspark’s Startup Community and expanded the team to Barcelona. Some of today’s most progressive organizations now rely on OfficeAccord to help them retain, attract and engage their employees. 

Our founders

Cousins Michael and Ben founded OfficeAccord thanks to their shared belief that the more we connect, the happier we are, the better we work, and the longer we stay.

OfficeAccord's Cofounders Michael and Ben