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OfficeAccord mission

Why we built OfficeAccord

We believe the more employees connect, the happier they are, the better they work, and the longer they stay. Hybrid working has made us less connected which is why we developed a solution to bring people together in fun and meaningful ways that go beyond overcrowded group chats and emails.

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Our mission 🚀 

To help organizations retain talent by bringing their people together

Our Values 👍🏾


We are reliable and trustworthy.


We make a product that everyone can use.


We take pride in what we do and why we do it.


We care about the success of our people and clients.

Our Story 📖

OfficeAccord was founded by cousins Ben and Michael who believe that human connection is key to the employee experience. The problem was that there was no dedicated solution designed to encourage human connection among colleagues. This led to cluttered Slack® and Teams® channels  and overcrowded inboxes. Seeing the inefficiencies that using business communication tools for non-business purposes created the duo set out to develop an integrated digital community solution dedicated to welcoming, connecting, and engaging talent. Since launching in 2019, OfficeAccord has helped organizations around the world humanize their business to attract, engage, and retain talent. 

What they say about us

OfficeAccord is our solution to bringing connection, community, and support to our new hybrid work challenges.


Tobias Haug, VP Head of SAP Humanizing Business

OfficeAccord has been critical to our thousands of employees in making connections and building engagement.


Esther Vegh, Director of HR Communications

OfficeAccord is really about building the types of human connections that lead to a great company culture.


Matt Hunckler, Contributor

It significantly contributes to building community among our students and employees by engaging them in ways that enhance their sense of belonging.

Oregon State University

Robynn Pease, Director of Family Resource Center

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