Bringing your people together is what we do

OfficeAccord mission

What is OfficeAccord?

OfficeAccord is a digital employee onboarding, culture & engagement hub designed to help organizations onboard, connect, and retain talent.

Our mission

To improve employee happiness and retention.

Our Values


We are reliable and trustworthy.


We make a product that everyone can use.


We take pride in what we do and why we do it.


We care about the success of our people and clients.

Our Journey

Your community anywhere, anytimeStay informed and connected with your branded employee app.

An all-in-one onboarding & culture solutionThe only tool you need for your culture andcommunity to thrive.

We make work fun for everyone!Engage and connect your distributed workforce.

What happy teams say about us

OfficeAccord helps connect our people beyond their teams. Plus, it has a more sexy and simple look than competitors.


Tina Grejsen, Head of Community 

OfficeAccord has been critical to our thousands of employees in making connections and building engagement.


Esther Vegh, Director of HR Communications

OfficeAccord is really about building the types of human connections that lead to a great company culture.


Matt Hunckler, Contributor

It significantly contributes to building community among our students and employees by engaging them in ways that enhance their sense of belonging.

Oregon State University

Robynn Pease, Director of Family Resource Center

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