Organizational culture is no longer just nice to have, it is a must have.

We built OfficeAccord to enable human connections and enrich communities.

OfficeAccord mission

Our mission

To provide the world’s best tool to advance organizational culture & community. 

What is OfficeAccord?

OfficeAccord is an all-in-one digital onboarding, community, and engagement platform. It uses automation and machine learning to welcome new hires, connect them to your community in meaningful ways, and keep them engaged throughout their employee experience.

What makes us unique?

We are the only all-in-one solution specifically designed to digitally onboard, culture, and engage your distributed workforce. 

Who do we serve?

Leaders who need help transitioning their organizations to a more hybrid way of working, and Employees who feel disconnected from their organization, its community and its culture.

Why does company culture matter?

As organizations transition to more hybrid work schedules, fostering organizational culture both, digitally and remotely, will be critical to engage and retain employees. We built OfficeAccord to support these future-focused organizations.

Our values

Customer focused - We take care of those who depend on us.
Simple - We make a product that everyone can use.
Trusted - We are organizational culture experts.
Responsive - We value our customer’s feedback.
Passionate - We love why we do what we do.

Our story

IThe employee experience is crucial to a new hire’s performance and retention. Our cofounder Ben found this out when he moved to Spain to start a new job. He didn’t know anyone, didn’t know the culture of the company, and he barely spoke the language. Thankfully, his colleagues were kind enough to introduce him to the community, explain their way of working, and show him the Spanish culture. His employee experience was so enriching that he stayed at the company for almost 8-years. 

“What if we had a tool that would help new hires feel welcome, connected and engaged?,” he wondered. “One that goes beyond comment threads and mass emails to foster human connection and community.”  So he asked his cousin Michael to join him on a mission to design a platform dedicated to helping organizations humanize their employee experience. 

A year after the first line of code was written, they signed Harvard University as their first client. They graduated from Microsoft Bizspark Startup Community, pivoted and released an enhanced version of the platform in 2020, and are now considered leaders in smart HR tech. 

Our founders

Cousins Michael and Ben founded OfficeAccord thanks to their shared belief that the more we connect, the happier we are, the better we work, and the longer we stay.

OfficeAccord's Cofounders Michael and Ben

Thank you to our clients who have believed in us, to the writers who have mentioned us, to our team who has joined us, and to our family & friends who have supported us.

- Ben and Michael, Cofounders