Our mission is to help organizations enrich their employee experience

OfficeAccord is an all-in-one employee experience platform designed to digitally onboard, connect and engage your community.

OfficeAccord mission

Our launch

We launched OfficeAccord in the summer of 2016 to help empower organizations to create more human focussed workplaces.

The inspiration

The inspiration for OfficeAccord came when I was working at my old employer and realized there was a lack of employee community which negatively effected job satisfaction, performance, and retention.

We may not always like our job, but we should enjoy the community we belong to and with whom we spend of most our day.

The “ah-ha!” moment

Before they would leave, I would ask my colleagues who chose to leave the company, “What will you miss the most about working here?” The vast majority would reply, “The people.”

It made me think that if a company’s people are what employees value most, investing in ways to create strong colleague relationships will increase job satisfaction, performance and retention.

The challenge, however, was finding the right tool for the job.

A community tool built for purpose

We tend to rely on familiar tools, despite them not being the right fit. Using email, group chatting tools, or intranets for both business and non-business matters  works fine as a small company, but larger organizations need a more robust solution to avoid communication clutter.

We built OfficeAccord for organizations who have outgrown Slack and email for internal non-business communication. It goes beyond comment threads as each community tool in the platform is specifically and efficiently designed for purpose.

Our journey thus far

After an initial six-months of research and design, we developed our MVP which we beta tested at UNC Charlotte. We signed Harvard University as our first client, graduated from Microsoft’s Bizspark Startup Community, and grew our team. 

We are proud to be delivering on our mission for our clients and to be helping thousands of employees feel more welcome, connected and engaged with their company’s culture and community.

Our founders

Cousins Michael and Ben founded OfficeAccord in 2016 because of their belief that the more we connect, the happier we are, the better we work, and the longer we stay.

Thank you!

Thank you to our clients who have believed in us, to the writers who have mentioned us, to our team who has joined us, and to our family & friends who have supported us.

- Ben and Michael, Cofounders