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Where engagement happens.

A digital employee experience tool to remotely welcome, connect and engage your community.

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Office Accord platform on desktop and mobile
Easy to implement
Deploy OfficeAccord to all of your office locations in just a few steps.
Branded and configured for a personalized employee experience.
Minimal overhead
Automated cleaning, monitoring and user provisioning removes overhead.
Engagement metrics
Site usage metrics give you insight into your community.
With Slack, Teams, Skype, Active Directory, Single Sign-on and more.
Excellent support
Our clients love the timely and thorough support they receive.

OfficeAccord is really about building the types of human connections that lead to a great company culture.

Matt Hunckler, Contributor

We spend less than 1 hour per month administering the site. It's so easy to administer!

Esther Vegh, Director of HR Communication

Community onboarding made easy.

Welcome employees to your community and culture by empowering them to introduce themself, get to know their colleagues and learn about your company culture.

69% of employees are more likely to stay with a company for three years if they experienced great onboarding

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An Activity Feed keeps employees up-to-date in real time.

Targeted announcements, built-in alert automations, and machine learning create a personalize experienced to increase engagement and avoid communication overload.


Where employee community thrives.

Encourage employee social interaction without adding clutter to your e-mail and Slack/Teams channels. OfficeAccord's modules are more effective at communicating employee Events, Buy & Sell items, Conversations, Housing, Ride shares and more.

Employee happiness is 23% more correlated to connections with coworkers than direct supervisors.

Connect via Conversations

An interactive tool for members to participate.

Empower your employees to give feedback, offer advice, and actively participate in your company culture. Engage your remote workers by providing tools for them to connect with their colleagues remotely.


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