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A community for remote teams.

Increase job satisfaction, engagement and retention by helping your remote workforce feel less isolated, more connected, and better informed.

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Remote onboarding

Culture alignment

Community building

Information sharing

Office Accord platform on desktop and mobile
Easy to implement
Deploy OfficeAccord to all of your office locations in just a few steps.
Branded and configured for a personalized employee experience.
Minimal overhead
Automated cleaning, monitoring and user provisioning removes overhead.
Engagement metrics
Site usage metrics give you insight into your community.
With Slack, Teams, Skype, Active Directory, Single Sign-on and more.
Excellent support
Our clients love the timely and thorough support they receive.

OfficeAccord is really about building the types of human connections that lead to a great company culture.

Matt Hunckler, Contributor

We spend less than 1 hour per month administering the site. It's so easy to administer!

Esther Vegh, Director of HR Communication
Culture training

Convert employees into brand advocates.

The more aligned your employees are with your mission, value and story the better brand advocates they will be. OfficeAccord teaches employees about your culture and explains each office's unique way of working including people you should know, policies, procedures, perks, and more.

Organizations enjoy 26% higher revenue when employees are engaged with the business’s core mission and values.

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Information sharing

Go beyond comment threads and mass emails to inform employees.

Reduce communication overload with tools designed to make non-business communication easy. Built-in automations target the right information to the right employee group to ensure members receive only relevant news and information.

74% of employees feel they miss out on relevant office news.

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Community building

Increase job satisfaction by fostering a sense of belonging & inclusion.

Today’s employees expect more than just a paycheck from their employer - they want to feel part of their work community. OfficeAccord fosters community by providing the tools for employees to interact and connect in meaningful ways.

Employee happiness is 23% more correlated to connections with coworkers than direct supervisors.

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Employee retention

Create an attractive place to work.

Attracting and retaining talent is more difficult than ever before. OfficeAccord helps bring your employee experience online so your employees can participate, interact and connect with your community both remotely and in the office.

Happy employees result in 71% less employee turnover.


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